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Open post The Welding Industry and its Importance

The Welding Industry and its Importance

A wide range of products and infrastructures rely on welding, and it plays a crucial role in various aspects of our daily lives.  As a result of the welding industry, factories, power plants, vehicles, bridges, and pipelines are constructed. These essentials provide a multitude of families and companies with food, fuel, and other products. Companies,...

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Open post Pressure Vessels Modern Industries Essential Component

Pressure Vessels: Modern Industries Essential Component

Despite being common in modern society, pressure vessels are often overlooked by most people. On the other hand, industrial pressure vessels are vital for the efficient and continuous operation of industries and commercial establishments - affecting society directly both economically and physically. Vic's Welding Co., LLC. has helped numerous industries with their pressure vessel needs...

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Open post Why You Should Hire a Certified Welder

Why You Should Hire a Certified Welder

Both welding and metal fabrication is required on endless projects; which can range from equipment repair projects to major construction sites. With many resources around today, just a simple search for a DIY welding project isn’t too hard to find and may seem like the best choice at the time – we beg to differ....

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Open post Why You Should Consider Going into Welding

Why You Should Consider Going into Welding

Why You Should Consider Going into Welding With the construction and trade industry booming in Arizona, everyone is hiring. From steel fabrication, welding, to foreman’s on job sites positions need to filled. Why not consider a career in welding? Even when the construction boom slows down, welding companies will always have work. If you love...

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Open post Steel Fabrication and its Importance

Steel Fabrication and its Importance

What exactly is metal fabrication? On a larger scale, it is referencing any process that requires cutting, shaping or molding metal into a finalized product. This method of fabrication can be used for both custom and stock products to create a finished product that is coming from raw only semi-finished metal materials. Stock metals used...

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The Top 4 Reasons to Hire Vic’s Welding

Vic’s Welding Co. LLC is a licensed welding and metal fabrication company that is “R” stamp shop certified through ASME and NBBI. Our company has been serving various industries in the Valley since 1996, so next time you require a licensed welder to fabricate a product or make repairs, consider the following four reasons to hire...

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Open post commercial welding company

Popular Materials Used in Commercial Welding

A commercial welding company like Vic’s Welding Co. has experience joining various materials together to produce durable, high-quality products for different applications. Two of the most popular materials for doing this are aluminum and steel, both of which provide substantial benefits for fabricating products for commercial and industrial applications, such as pressure vessels and water treatment...

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Open post aluminum welding

A Quick Look at Aluminum Welding

Aluminum, while a lightweight material, is incredibly durable. That, along with its recyclability, makes it an ideal choice for a diverse range of products. According to The Aluminum Association, aluminum is a practical choice for the transportation and aerospace industries. The material is also used to produce consumer products, many of which can be found...

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