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benefits of hot tapping

Benefits of Hot Tapping

There are at least 2 million miles of natural gas pipelines throughout the United States. Have you ever wondered how these pipelines are repaired and ensure nothing goes down in the process? A helpful technique known as hot tapping helps make the repair operation happen.

During the process of hot tapping, drills are made into pipes that contain liquids or gasses while they are still in use. New branches can thus be created on the pipeline while the pipe is still in operation.

Advantages of Hot Tapping

No Disruptions. Unlike cold tapping, hot tapping does not require a pipe to be closed when repairs are made. As a result, new lines can branch off without affecting other parts of the facility. Many plants would have to close down production facilities for at least a few hours or days when replacing pipes.

System Draining is Avoided. The process of repairing pipelines often involves draining the whole system, which not only takes time and money but also disrupts the operation of the system. When the pipelines are hot-tapped, the system does not have to be drained.

Allows for Bypass Lines. Two hot taps on either side of a main shutoff can be added if there is a need for repairs or service on the shutdown. This can provide a temporary or permanent bypass from the shutdown system. 

Sediment is Undisturbed. Hot tapping prevents the pipe from being touched, which prevents sediment from being disturbed, and therefore maintains the quality of the liquid within. When pipelines are moved and fixed, sediment built up over time can be disturbed, ruining the quality of the liquid.

Contacting a Hot Tapping Company

Hopefully, with the basics above, it’s easier to understand the benefits of hot tapping, you just need to find a company that does the procedure for you. Vic’s Welding has a wide range of industrial services that can benefit your business. Contact us today and discuss your needs further with a representative – we can’t wait to help your company!

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