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Pressure Vessels Modern Industries Essential Component

Pressure Vessels: Modern Industries Essential Component

Despite being common in modern society, pressure vessels are often overlooked by most people. On the other hand, industrial pressure vessels are vital for the efficient and continuous operation of industries and commercial establishments – affecting society directly both economically and physically. Vic’s Welding Co., LLC. has helped numerous industries with their pressure vessel needs for these very reasons. 

Pressure Vessels Are Expected To Continuously Grow

Research and Markets recently reported that “The pressure vessel market is anticipated to grow from an estimated USD 47.1 Billion in 2022 to USD 59.5 Billion in 2027, at a CAGR of 4.8% during the forecast period.” 

With an increase in investment in the industrial sector, as well as the rise in the replacement of traditional heating systems with energy-efficient pressure vessels, there is expected to be a significant increase in industrial pressure vessel demand. It is expected that the pressure vessel market will grow due to the ubiquitous presence of pressure vessels such as heat exchangers. 

Design and fabrication of pressure tanks have advanced significantly due to new materials and manufacturing techniques. Unusual metals, steel, copper, plastic, aluminum, and composite materials are currently being used. Different materials are used depending on the project for many reasons, cost-effective, corrosion-resistance, weather-resistance, and weight. Pressure vessels are expected to continue evolving in design and fabrication as the industry procedures continue to evolve themselves.

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Vic’s Welding Co., LLC. is a licensed, insured welding and steel fabrication company that is “U” and “R” stamp shop certified through ASME/National Board. Our company has been serving residential and commercial clients in the Valley since 1996. We offer emergency and scheduled maintenance, fabrication, repairs, and modernization.

We supply all consumables, including welding rod, oxygen, and acetylene. Contact us today for more information on steel fabrication or to schedule an appointment with one of our A.W.S. and ASME Certified welders at (623) 925-5695.

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