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2019 Welding Trends

As 2019 comes to a close, now is a perfect time to look back on the welding trends from this year, and discuss industry predictions. A lot has happened in the industry, from the increasing need for safe practices to the use of advanced technology in trade education.

As the world is rapidly changing, so are the trades industries. In the next ten years, it's predicted that there will be more changes in technology than in the last hundred years.

Continued Lack of Qualified Welders

In a previous news update, we discussed why you should consider going into welding, and one of those reasons was a shortage of experienced welders.

Qualified welders are always necessary for situations where dexterity and mobility are required.

Emerging markets like India are expected to have a shortage of 1.2 million skilled professionals by 2022.

Welding Safety on the Rise

As technology and techniques advance over the years, so does our knowledge of work health hazards. With the increased awareness about the dangers of breathing in harmful levels of fumes and gases produced in the fabrication process has pushed companies to invest in more occupational safety.

After an IARC report released in 2017, the global industry began to change for the better, with companies taking steps to implement better safety actions for their workers. A primary concern is with ultra-fine and light dust particles that welders breathe in.

Proper ventilation, air purifying systems, and respiratory protection equipment help prevent occupational lung disease. Respirators, for instance, create cool, comfortable, and safe air that helps welders concentrate on their work.

Popularity for Advanced Tech

Advanced technology has begun to seep its way into global education, and trades education is not an exception. Virtual Reality (VR), which is usually associated with gaming, has become a great education tool for up-and-coming welders.

Welder assistive tech has begun to rise in the industry. The advanced technology within these new machines helps less experienced welders handle weld pool behavior and produce excellent quality welds. Productivity improves with this tech because of effortless and reliable equipment setup.

Hire a Certified Welder

With a company, like Vic's Welding Co., LLC, you can rest assured that professionals are doing your work. We are a licensed and insured welding and metal fabrication company that is "U" and "R" stamp shop certified through ASME/National Board. Our company has been serving residential and commercial clients in the Valley since 1996.

We offer emergency and scheduled maintenance, fabrication, repairs, and modernization. Contact us today for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment with one of our AWS and ASME Certified welders at (623) 925-5695.

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