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aluminum welding

What’s New in Aluminum Welding

As construction continues across the state and the popularity of aluminum across the trade industry increases, because of its versatility, it is no surprise that new things are happening in the aluminum welding world.

According to the Civil Engineering Portal, aluminum is the second most specified building metal after steel.

More and more companies are wanting to use more sustainable materials that are also energy efficient. Aluminum is one such product, but some of its alloys cannot be used in construction because it cannot safely weld together. Due to this research teams all over are looking for the answer to making “un-weldable” alloys safe to use.

New Welding Process for “un-weldable” Alloy

According to New Atlas, the aluminum alloy AA7075 developed in the 1940s is almost as strong as steel, but weighs significantly less. However, its use is limited because secure welds could not be established. That has recently changed thanks to the use of titanium carbide nanoparticles. 

The problem with welding with this specific alloy is when the metal is heated, the aluminum, sic, magnesium, and copper flow unevenly. This anomaly is known as phase segregation and results in cracks forming along the length of the weld. That crack ruins the integrity of the work and can lead to unsafe conditions later. 

According to the professor on the team that solved the phase segregation problem, the nanoparticles help the elements solidify together more uniformly. He went on to explain that phase segregation will block the flow of liquid metal during cooling, which causes shrinkage and cracking. 

The resulting weld joints have a tensile strength of up to 392 megapascals. That is more than double the tensile strength of the commonly used 6061 alloy which has a tensile strength of 186 megapascals. Even though the composite makes up airplane wings and fuselages, the hope with this new process is to increase the alloys applications.

Professional Aluminum Welding Services

Vic’s Welding Co., LLC is a licensed and insured welding and steel fabrication company that is “U” and “R” Stamp shop certified through ASME/National Board.

Our company has been serving residential and commercial clients in the valley since 1996. We offer emergency and scheduled maintenance, fabrication, repairs, and modernization. We supply all consumables, including welding rods, oxygen, and acetylene.

Contact us today for more information on aluminum welding or to schedule an appointment with one of our A.W.S and ASME Certified welders at (623) 925-5696.

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